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      Staff profiles

      Founder – Bruno Guidolin:
      The founder of Guidolin Agrimac in 1964, Bruno has over 50 years of experience and is available for helpful suggestions and advice. Although now semi-retired, his many years of knowledge and?experience in farm machinery is still extremely valuable to our customers and staff.

      General Manager / Machinery Sales – Marcel Guidolin:
      Marcel has worked in the family business for over 20 years. With this experience, Marcel specialises in ensuring customers invest in the right equipment for their needs. Whether it be something we custom make, an implement we import or machinery we re-sell, Marcel is the man?to see. Known as a friendly, honest and genuine person, Marcel steers the ship at Guidolin Agrimac.

      Service Manager – Kevin Harris:
      Kevin has years of experience in the agricultural industry.? He is your first point of call if you need service, repairs or pre-maintenance on any of our sprayers and machinery. He manages and?co-ordinates all service related enquiries and handles all of your manufacturing, set-up and?maintenance of sprayers and GPS systems.?He ensures customers are satisfied and happy with each and every product that leaves our workshop. Kevin regularly attends product specific training with our spraying suppliers to ensure that he is always kept up to date with the latest products and?technology.

      Service Technician - Michael Crawford:
      Servicing and repairing?sprayers and farm machinery of all different shapes and sizes, our service tech Mick is always on the move keeping our customers out of trouble.? Mick has been working in the agricultural industry for over 10 years and helps with our machinery pre-deliveries and machinery assembling. Mick is always willing to learn and?always there to help.

      Workshop – Brendan Kenningale & Neil Harrison:
      Brendan is the master constructor of custom made farm machinery. With various skills and years of experience, Brendan makes sure that whatever he builds has the finest finish. Brendan?takes pride in his work at all times to ensure he delivers a fantastic product to all our customers. Neil works?along-side Brendan in our workshop assisting him with manufacturing through to testing.

      Retail Sales Manager – Michael Robinson:
      A very familiar face at Guidolins, Michael has been a very valuable member of our business for over 10 years!? Michael is our number one?man in our spray shop and will always go out of his way to ensure every customer is happy and?satisfied. From spray shop to tools, spare parts to hydraulics, Michael has a vast knowledge of all the equipment we stock and sell. He?ensures the retail team work well together to achieve excellent customer service.??

      Spare Parts Interpreter / Retail Sales - Dean Vardanega:
      Dean can handle all your enquiries in spare parts, spray shop and our large industrial supplies section. With an agricultural background, Dean loves to solve?problems for our customers?and is dedicated to making sure all of your needs are met.

      Retail Sales - Dianna Piccoli:
      Dianna and?John?work alongside Michael in ensuring our customers needs and expectations are met on a daily basis. Dianna's bright and bubbly personality will grab your attention from the word?go.?John has a vast range of knowledge of all products in our store.?Between them, they have?over 30 years of experience in the agricultural retail industry. All of our retail staff are reliable, helpful?and are always willing to go that?extra mile for our customers.

      Administration?– Yvette Pastro:
      Formerly a Guidolin, Yvette oversees and?assists the office team. She also lends a helping hand to the retail team whenever needed. Working alongside her father and brother since 2004, Yvette continues to assist with the general operations of the entire business.?

      Office Administrator / Accounts Payable - Liz Perlowski:
      You will find Liz in the office overseeing?all office administration and accounts payable duties. Coupled with her dedication and?attention to detail, Liz helps things in the office to run as smooth as possible.

      Accounts Receivable / Marketing / Administration - Emma Papaolo:
      Emma works in our office covering a wide range of duties. Her primary roles include accounts receivable, marketing and administration.? Emma is?very friendly and is?always?there to assist?team members and?customers with their needs.

      Junior (11?year old) Apprentice - Stefan Guidolin:
      Teaching the next generation of Guidolin's - Stefan is Marcel's eldest son. He comes in on the weekends to help around the shop, making sure the front of our shop is always clean and the grass is nicely mowed. He is a mini Marcel and is always willing to help out with the smaller jobs.

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