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      Our story

      Guidolin Agrimac Australia Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated Agricultural Machinery &?Industrial Supplies?business. Established in Griffith in 1964, we have celebrated over 55 years of business and service to the area.

      We are exclusive importers, manufacturers' and re-sellers of a vast range of agricultural equipment including a wide range of?sprayers, discs, mulchers, slashers, fertiliser spreaders, rakes and many more other farm implements.

      Our industrial supplies section of the business includes an extensive?spray shop, hydraulics department,?tools, tool boxes and?hardware department, welding products, compressors, generators and?various other agricultural parts?just to name a few.

      Guidolin Agrimac prides itself on the highest standard of customer service, quality and sales of farm machinery and industrial supplies.

      For all things farming, agricultural and?industrial, come in and see the friendly team at Guidolin Agrimac!

      50 Years Strong

      Shop front

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